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1. Are your Websites Custom? Do you use templates?

Indeed, all that we assemble is 100% Custom made with limitless updates to the arranging . We are custom going from the arranging all the gratitude to your organization region to deal with the site yourself.

2. Your prices are good Do you outsource your work?

NO, NO and NO NEVER! From the earliest starting point or our organization very 5 years back until now we don’t re-appropriate any of our work to any organization or organizations abroad we likewise don’t cooperate with the other organization. Everything is work in-house by our Indian engineers. We are exceptionally pleased to say this as just a handful organizations does this inside the India today.

3. Custom website great! But, Do you hold me hostage forever?

In no way, shape or form!!! the beneficial thing about our organization is that you just are employing us to make your site. When complete you have absolute responsibility for. you’re not held prisoner by us since all that we code is 100% open source which proposes we don’t encode any of our code. this empowers the other engineer to need over your site only in the event that we don’t figure thereafter … Which will not occur :- )

4. What if I need HELP, Do you offer support?

Truly, we give LIFETIME SUPPORT you’ll be prepared to change alter or add anything to your site yourself through the organization (CMS) that we’ll work for you. In any case, most imperative you’ll approach our engineers for any inquiries you would potentially require. We utilize a comparable kind of help as which recommends we connect with your PC and instruct/help you along with your inquiries or changes to the site . We likewise offer you limitless preparing on our organization zone. we give LIFETIME SUPPORT on the grounds that 99% of our client just need preparing once on the grounds that the organization territory is overly basic and clear to discover . you needn’t bother with any information on coding and you remember we are only a call way.

5. Custom, So you don't do WordPress?

Yes and NO! Everything we ar doing 100% custom build including the admin area. As knowledgeable web design and web development company we would like to supply to our customers the simplest solution for them. Our custom CMS is best , much more secure, much easier to find out and more flexible than WordPress. However, some customers had used WordPress within the past and need to use it again. we’ll gladly build their site using WordPress this is often not a drag in the least to us. But you’ll be downgrading from a way better CMS platform.

6. What about hosting, Do I have to host my website with you?

No, at all and aside from on the off chance that you may need to! Not in any manner like to the following site arrangement associations at our level we needn’t waste time with you to have the site with us and We do offer encouraging to our customers yet it doesn’t infers you’re resolved to have with us.

7. How much does a website cost? How much for a website?

We love this inquiry… :- ) this is frequently by a long shot our #1 inquiry. Dissimilar to different organizations we needn’t bother with treat you diversely in the event that you have additional cash or bring in additional cash than others. We treat each client an identical regardless of their status or organization. this is frequently the reasoning why we are the sole organization at our level that shows costs for huge loads of commonest website architecture, web advancement and web based promoting assembles. we’ve nothing to cover as we as a whole realize our costs are reasonable and moderate when contrasting one type with it’s logical counterpart, immediately being said the least complex gratitude to perceive what extent your site will cost is to address us.

8. Do you do graphic design and Can you make a logo?

100% Yes! As notice above, all that we do have limitless updates until you’re 100% pleased with the arranging . this is regularly additionally valid for our illustrations office. We do logo configuration, card plan, flyer plan, handout plan, fixed, pennants and undeniably more as we help you assemble your image.

9. SEO Are your websites SEO friendly?

100% Yes! Recollect that we are Google Partners! it’s our commitment to you as a client to frame sure your site is noticeable on the web. In this way, hence we help you by building the site 100% SEO benevolent and that we utilize best practice on website architecture as mentioned by our accomplice GOOGLE.

10. Marketing Can you help me with Online Marketing?

100% Yes! we don’t simply construct your the site for you. We do definitely more than building the site . Our principle objective is to help you succeed on the web. We are sure the day’s end , our group is focused on your prosperity and that we offer numerous internet checking bundles including, Local SEO, National Search Engine Optimization SEO, World Wide Search Engine Optimization and Paid Per Click(PPC) Advertising (Adwords Account Step) including search network(sn) and show network(dn).

11. Awesome, Now tell me what makes your company different?

We are a dependable organization, we’ve been doing business for over 8+ years on purpose. Our all sites are 100% custom build and we Provide limitless updates. we give life time uphold! Our web engineers are confirmed by Google route better than expected. Yet, the greater part Of them indispensable we aren’t here to make your site. we might want an all-inclusive time relationship that you just can figure . We are here today and here tomorrow. Our primary objective is your business to succeed on the web/disconnected, on the grounds that our organization moto is Client/client achievement is our prosperity. We are diverse on the grounds that we care about your business objective and that we are resolved to understand that objective not make any difference the stuff! you will tally or that our group to be there for you ALWAYS!

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